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Collectorz com Music Collector Pro v8.5.1

Collectorz com Music Collector Pro v8.5.1
Collectorz com Music Collector Pro v8.5.1 英文正式版(音樂收藏管理軟體)

可以進行分類,整理,排序,搜索等操作,支援列印以及HTML 或者文本格式的輸出。
Music Collector is a program that helps you catalog your
collection of CDs, LPs, Minidiscs, etc... This organizer software
runs on Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, XP and 2000. An Apple Mac OS X
edition is in development (ETA Q3 2005).

Catalog your music collection
Adding items to the music database is quick and easy, adding CDs
can even be done without any typing. Just insert a CD in your
CD-ROM drive or scan its barcode with your barcode scanner.
Adding LPs is easy too, only type the artist and title. Music
Collector will automatically download all data (artist, title,
track titles, genre, label, etc... including the cover images).
The information is retrieved from various music database sites on
the internet (like the freedb CD database and the Amazon music
catalog). It can also read CDTEXT information from the CD itself,
if available.

View and search the music database
Once you have added a number of CDs to the inventory, you can
view it on the main screen. It is possible to show a simple list
of all albums or of all tracks, but you can also organize your
collection by artist or by genre, using the automatic folder
feature. All lists can be sorted instantly, just by clicking the
column headers or by using the Sort Order screen. You can sort on
any field, e.g. alphabetically on artist, title or label, or
sorted on release date or purchase date. Use the Quick Search
feature to find all albums that contain the word you type, or use
the Advanced Filter command to search in specific fields, even
multiple fields at once.

Print lists
Lists of your albums and tracks can be printed in any way you
want. The Print feature lets you choose which albums or tracks to
print, which fields to show and in what order to list them.
Printed lists are ideal for insurance purposes, or to take with
you to the store. The Pro edition of Music Collector also
includes a number of templates for other nicely formatted
print-outs. The flexible XML/XSL-based template system lets you
create your own layouts too (requires XSL programming skills).
Visit our Templates page to download templates created by other
Music Collector users.

Export your music catalog (Pro edition only)
Using the Export to HTML feature you can generate HTML pages of
your CD inventory, for use on your homepage or website. You can
create one index page listing all albums (with one row per
album), optionally linked to detail pages with one page per CD.
If you want to be able to use your music data in other programs,
use the Export to XML or Export to Text functions. A special
export feature is included to export your database for use in the
ListPro software on your PDA (PocketPC or Palm).

Integrated Loan Manager (Pro edition only)
The built-in Loan Management system allows you to keep track of
CDs you loan to friends, family, etc... Just log which CD you
loaned and to whom and you will always know where your missing
CDs are.
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