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ETimeInc Easy Tracker 2009 Enterprise Edition v5.1.5.936

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ETimeInc Easy Tracker 2009 Enterprise Edition v5.1.5.936
ETimeInc Easy Tracker 2009 Enterprise Edition v5.1.5.936 英文正式版(跟蹤商務花費軟體)

Use Crack in /bin dir.
你可以從預先確定的幾個報表中選擇也可以創建自己的。 你可以查看和列印圖表,也可以
Easy Tracker 2009 - Professional Timesheet!

Easy Tracker 2009 is a full-featured time tracking
suite designed specifically for schedule
notification, project management, expense
management, work measurement, timesheet entry and

It's especially suited for professionals and
companies who need to track time to improve
personal and team productivity, to manage projects,
to manage expenses and budgets, and to monitor
projects as work is being done.

Easy Tracker 2009 provides you convince to manage
your time: where time is going and where time has
gone, and help you reduce the total cost.

With the click of a mouse, time tracking is done
automatically, and release you from the guesswork
of time keeping and the labor of recording. All
work-related or billable time can be tracked and
easy to reference in report. With this valuable
history data, you can make accurate evaluation of
past projects, and better plans for the similar
projects in future.

There are four differenteditions of Easy Tracker
2009 - Mini, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

The Mini/Standard/Professional Edition uses
Microsoft Access database, which is suitable to one
person or a small team with several members. The
Enterprise Edition uses Microsoft SQL Server
database, which is is especially suitable to a
large-scale team or a company.

Easy Tracker 2009 includes several state-of-the-art
timesheet entry tools, which provides more
flexibility for different business. You can select
from one or more of the following Easy Tracker
timesheet entry tools for individual time and
expense entry and reporting:

Easy Tracker Lite is a Windows? based software.
Simply double-click the assigned project and task,
Easy Tracker Lite will auto-track time, provide
accurate performance information (in table, graphic
and report format) and make it easy to compare
between your plans and reality. It offers instant
feedback (e.g. line charts, pie charts, stacked bar
charts) to help increase productivity and improve
performance. What's more, it provides measurement
items to easy of collecting your sensitive
productivity data. You can track time while work is
being done, or enter time entries at the end of the
day, week, month, etc. Easy Tracker Lite is
included in Easy Tracker 2007.

Easy Tracker TopBar is a Windows? based software,
it locates on the top of desktop by default, and
provides great convenience to manage Easy Tracker

Easy Tracker Reminder is a Windows? based software.
By creating a reminder, Easy Tracker Reminder can
pop up a notification when the time is due. What's
more, it provides plenty of reminding ways: play
music, execute application, send Email, speak the
notification content, pop up a talking agent,
reboot PC, etc. If an assignment is recurring, you
can create a recurrence pattern with the action of
Edit Recurrence. A recurring assignment with a
reminder will generate notification periodically.
In addition to one-time occurrences, Easy Tracker
keeps track of all types of recurring assignments,
from birthdays to meetings that you have on the
third Friday of every other month. It allows you to
view all your assignments in a daily, weekly,
monthly, or yearly overview.

Easy Tracker Pro is a Windows? based software, it
can be used for team and individual time and cost
reporting, project management. Fundamental
information is entered into Easy Tracker Pro then
used by Easy Tracker timesheet entry software for
time tracking. Once time is entered, Easy Tracker
Pro can export multiple team and individual time
and cost reports in one minute. Moreover, Easy
Tracker Pro provides Project Integration and
Quickbooks Integration to share data with Microsoft
Project/Project Server and Quickbooks.

Easy Tracker Database Manager is a Windows? based
software. It's designed for administrators to
manage Easy Tracker databases.
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