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WireframeSketcher Studio v3.5.0

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WireframeSketcher Studio v3.5.0
WireframeSketcher Studio v3.5.0 英文正式版(Eclipse插件軟體)

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WireframeSketcher是一個Eclipse 插件,用於建立線框圖、界面模型和UI原型。在項目正式開
入項目開發流程。WireframeSketcher 提供了一個pre-drawn、text-driven預製圖,以及文本驅
WireframeSketcher comes both as a standalone application but also as a
plug-in for any Eclipse IDE. It's cross-platform and has a native and fast
GUI on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

WireframeSketcher is a software tool that helps product managers,
designers and developers quickly create wireframes, mockups and prototypes
for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Mockup your website, desktop, Android and iPhone applications. Stencils of
all kinds are shared by the community.

Streamlined and professional interface lets you get results fast and with
great effect. Sketchy look makes you focus on what's important.

Use version control to work with your team. Present your prototype in
full-screen viewer. Share click-through PDFs with your clients.

With WireframeSketcher you get a rough, unfinished, hand-drawn look for
your mockups. This way your stakeholders won't be distracted by little
details and you can focus on what's important. When needed, you can
instantly switch to a clean look.

WireframeSketcher comes with an extensive set of UI controls. You'll find
buttons, checkboxes, trees, tables, you name it. Controls are very
flexible and can be customized using properties and by applying wiki
syntax directly in text.

The interface is optimized for speed. Multiple shortcuts allow an
efficient keyboard use. The properties view is streamlined to Maximize
your efficiency. Position objects quickly with grid snapping and smart

Use linking to create interactive prototypes. Present your prototypes in
full-screen mode and click-through to show how the application or website
is supposed work. Export your prototype to a clickable, high-quality PDF
and let your clients test it themselves.

Wiki formatting lets you style any widget that supports text. Using a
simple syntax you can make bits of text bold, italic, underlined and even
insert icons to make checkboxes, radio buttons and more. Syntax
highlighting saves you from getting lost in your text.

Missing a widget? Want to include a logo? WireframeSketcher lets you use
your own images. Color images can be conveniently drawn in black and white
to blend in with the overall look of the wireframe. And the best thing -
you can use SVG vector graphic images which will even automatically get
the hand-drawn look.

WireframeSketcher comes with more than 180 icons for your to choose from.
Icons come in vector format that works at any size, can be colored and can
be used virtually anywhere. Just hit Ctrl+Space while editing a widget's

Do you need a common template for all your screens? Want to reuse that
standard dialog in multiple places? Use components to do just that.
Changes to components propagate automatically and are instantly visible in
all the screens that use them. You can put them in the palette and create
entire reusable stencils.

Storyboard your use-cases and show how the UI responds to user actions and
changes in time. Use storyboards to make slideshow presentations and
export multi-page, interactive PDFs or HTML.

Need to discuss an idea without the rest of the IDE getting in your way?
Want to make a presentation of the prototype to your client? The
full-screen presentation mode is one mouse click away. Want to send around
your wireframes and storyboards? Just export your wireframes to a
high-quality PDF, HTML or PNG and you are all set. You can always print
out your wireframes on paper and then discuss them with your clients face
to face.

Make use of the user-contributed Mockups Gallery to jump-start your
mockups and to get inspiration from. Find Android, iPhone, iPAD stencils
and other useful resources and share your own contributions with the

Wireframes are stored in an open XML-based format. You can easily store
your screens under version control and use standard Eclipse tools to track
changes and to perform diffs and merges when needed. Create your own tools
around this format by using the open-source SDK.

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