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交響樂 108首 2007年9月 最新專輯合輯 (7CD合輯成一片MP3)<<全部最高192K以上音質>>

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交響樂 108首 2007年9月 最新專輯合輯 (7CD合輯成一片MP3)<<全部最高192K以上音質>>
交響樂 108首 2007年9月 最新專輯合輯 (7CD合輯成一片MP3)<<全部最高192K以上音質>>

01.The Swan From' Le carnnivol Des Animallx (Saint-Seans).mp3
02.Dance of the Little Swans From' Swan Lake (Ptchallovshy).mp3
03.Scene From Swan Lake (P Tchallovesky).mp3
04.Minutte Wqalte In D-flat ( F Chopin).mp3
05.Waltzing Cat (Landerson).mp3
06.Cuckoo Waltz (Je Johnsson).mp3
07.Toreador' s Song From Carmen (G Bizet).mp3
08.Peter & The Wolf (S Prokoflev).mp3
09.The Flight of the Bumble bee( Rimsky-Korsakov ).mp3
11.The Trout ( F Schubert ).mp3
12.The Elephant From Le Canival Des Animanux (Saint saens).mp3
13.Bellage Swallows From Mozart (J Strauss).mp3
14.Waltz From Swan Lake (P Tchallousky).mp3
15.Blue Danube Waltz (J Strallss).mp3
16.Minuet From Bocherini (L Boccherini).mp3
17.Sping Song From Song Without Words (Fmendeissohn).mp3
18.Clair De Lune (C Ddebrssy).mp3
19.Morning From Peer Gynt (E Grelg).mp3
20.Waltx of the Flower From The Nutcracker F (P Tchalkovshy ).mp3
21.Heldenroslein ( F Schubert ).mp3
22.Spring From The Four Seasons (A Vlvaidl).mp3
23.Moonlinght Sonata (Ludwing V Beethoven ).mp3
24.On Wings of Song (F Schubert ).mp3
25.Madam Butterfly ( G Prccinll ).mp3
26.Rainndroop Preludle ( F Chopin ).mp3
27.Voices of spring From Mozalf (J Strauss I ).mp3
28.Roses From The South From Swan Lake ( J Strauss ).mp3
29.The Malden' s Prayer (T Badarzewska ).mp3
30.Fur Elise (Ludzolg V Beethoven ).mp3
31.The March of the Three Kings From T Ariesienne Suite-Prelude.mp3
32.Waltz From The Sleeping Beauty (P Tchailovshy ).mp3
33.Dance of the Rose Maidens (A Khachaturian).mp3
34.Dance of Fairy of Chocolate (P Tchalkovsky).mp3
35.Schlaf Mein Prinzhen.mp3
36.Parade of the Tin Soldiers (Jessel).mp3
37.Dream ( C Debussy ).mp3
38.Blacksmlth In The Words (Michaells).mp3
39.Zigeunerweisen (P Sarasate).mp3
40.Traumerel From Scenes of Cbild (R Schumann).mp3
41.Tale From The Vienna Woods (J Strauss).mp3
42.March of The Leaden Soldiers.mp3
43.Sicllienne (Gobriel U Faure ).mp3
44.Lullaby From Drabums (J Brahms).mp3
45.Serenade From Tosell (E tosell).mp3
46.Serenade From Scbubet (J Keyicens).mp3
47.Serenade From Scbubet (F Scbubet).mp3
48.Serenade From Mozwart Allegrogeline Klelne Nachmuslk (Mozart ).mp3
49.Serenade From Haydr (J Haydn).mp3
50.Serenade From Mendelssobn (F Mendelssohn).mp3
51.Serenade From Lebar (F Lehar).mp3
52.Serenade From Drigo (R Drige).mp3
53.Ellzathan Serenade ( R Binge).mp3
54.Lullaby From Scbubert ( F Schubert).mp3
55.Lullaby From Mozart (Wolfgang a Mozart).mp3
56.Lullaby From Gayne (A Khacnaturian).mp3
57.Ave Maria (Bach Gounod).mp3
58.Ave Maria (F Schubert).mp3
59.Air De Papapgeno.mp3
60.La lartinede beurre.mp3
61.Qulntette pour Clarinette KV 581Larghetto.mp3
62.Andante-Sonata in D major, KV 448(375a).mp3
63.Ave Verum Corpus KV 618.mp3
64.Piano Sonata No.16 in C Flat KV 545-Andanie.mp3
65.Piano Sonata No.12 in Fkv 332 ll-Adagio.mp3
66.Sonata in C Minor KV 457 Adagio.mp3
67.Vepres Solennelles Pour Un Confesseur KV 339 Laudate Dominum.mp3
68.Plano Tnon 2 in B flat KV 502 Largheuo.mp3
69.Plano Concerton 23 KV 488 in A-DurAdagio.mp3
70.Rondo KV 511 for plano in A minor.mp3
71.Don Glovannlreclt & Aria Deh vienl alla Finestra.mp3
72.Eine Klelne Nachumuslk KV 525 G-Dur Allegro.mp3
73.Konzert n' 21 KV 467 in C-Dur Andante.mp3
74.Das Vellchen, KV 476.mp3
75.Allegro moderato-Violln Sonata in B flat major K 378 (317d).mp3
76.Sonata for Clavecin and Flute in F.K.13 Andante.mp3
77.Rondo in D major-Allegro KV 485.mp3
78.String Quartet No.14 in G major KV 387MMenuettoAllegretto.mp3
79.Sehnsucht Nach Dem Frtthlinge, KV 596.mp3
80.Piano Sonata No.16 in C Flat KV 545-Andante.mp3
81.Air de Papageno.mp3
82.La tartine de beurre.mp3
83.Marche turque.mp3
84.Zwolf Variationen tlber Ah.vous Diral-le.Maman KV 265 C-Dur.mp3
85.Serenade KV 250 Haffner Menuetto-Trio.mp3
86.Symphonie KV 543 N' 39 en Mlb Majeur Menuetto (Allegretto).mp3
87.Concerto in E_flat maj. K447 Romance (Larghetto).mp3
88.Sehnsucht mach dem Frtthling,KV 596.mp3
89.Symphony Kv 551 in C Major 41 Molto Allegro.mp3
90.Elne Kieine Nachtmuslk KV 525 G-Dur Allegro.mp3
91.Symphony n'25 KV 183 in Gminor Allegro con brio.mp3
92.Das Vellchen. KV 476.mp3
93.Allegro moderato-Vlelln Sonata in B flat major K 378 (317d).mp3
94.Andante-Sonata in D major. KV 381 (123a).mp3
95.Concerto for vlolln and orchestra in G major 3 KV 216 Allegro.mp3
96.Symphony KV 201 (186a( n 29 in a major Andante.mp3
97.Concerto for hom in E-flat maj,K417 Rondo.mp3
98.Divertimento KV 136 (125a) en Re Majeur Presto.mp3
99.Symphony No.40 in F minor,K550 Menuetto9 Allegretto. Trio.mp3
100.Divertimento K.251 Molto Allegro.mp3
101.Die Zauberllote KV 620 Act II Scene 9-12Morden soll ich.mp3
102.Act 1 Scene 15 No.11 Aria Fin Ch'han dal vino.mp3
103Concerto for hom in Dmaj KV412 Allegro (final).mp3
104.Piano Cocnerto No.9.k.271 in E flat major Jeunchomme.mp3
105.Rondeau Presto. Menuetto Cantable.p.mp3
106.Don Glovannl La Cl darem la mano.mp3
107.Act 2 Scene 5 Recitatllvo Zlttol Lascia ch' Lo senta.mp3
108.Piano Cocneto No.9.k.271 in E flat major Jeunehomme Allegro.mp3
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