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Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 v4.30

Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 v4.30
Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 v4.30 繁體中文正式版(高級硬碟碎片整理程式、檔案粉碎、檔案反刪除器、Internet清潔、Windows登錄檔清潔器、Windows系統還原點管理器、檔案和資料夾備份等等軟體)

Ashampoo Uninstaller 4可讓您毫無顧慮地測試軟體,因為它可在刪除程式之後,不會
隱秘活動 — 例如隱藏的檔案
Ashampoo UnInstaller 4實際上是一個完善的 Windows 維護軟體包,具有多個強大的工

What's new in this version:
*improved Firefox support

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Windows is famous for getting more sluggish the more you use it.
One reason for this is that many programs leave your computer
full of digital garbage when you remove them. Every time you try
out a new program and then uninstall it your system gets more and
more clogged up with redundant program components that just get
in the way and slow things down.

Ashampoo Uninstaller 4 completely eliminates this problem. It
lets you test software with confidence because you can be sure
that no trace of programs you remove are left anywhere on your
system. It does this by comparing compact ?Before?and ?After?
snapshots that identify exactly where all program components and
settings are located. Uninstalling is completely safe, with
automatic backups and a special Reinstaller for quickly
reinstalling programs with all their settings.

In addition to uninstalling, you can also use UnInstaller?s
comprehensive ?Before and After?comparisons to monitor and
identify the secret activities of any program ?for example
hidden files and Registry keys. Just take a snapshot, run the
application that you want to monitor and then take another
snapshot. UnInstaller then compares the snapshots and shows you
all the changes the program has made anywhere on your system.

Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 is actually a complete Windows maintenance
package with over a dozen powerful tools. It comes with an
advanced hard disk defragmenter, a file wiper, a file undeleter,
an Internet cleaner, a Windows Registry cleaner, a Windows system
restore point manager, file and folder backup and much more. See
further below for a full list.

New and improved in this version:

Ashampoo UnInstaller 4 is now better than ever before, with new
features, improved functionality, two new utility modules and a
new graphical user interface.

Improved UnInstaller
?Uninstall performance and accuracy have been further improved,
particularly for ?staged?program installations. This means
that programs installed in several logged stages, for example
with multiple updates over a period of time, are now removed
much more efficiently.

New Undeleter and File Wiper
?A powerful undelete tool for recovering accidentally deleted
files and a wiper for completely removing all traces of
sensitive files from your hard disk have been added to the
UnInstaller toolkit in this version.

Improved Hard Disk Defragmenter
?The efficient hard disk defragmentation tool has received a
major update and now includes boot time defragmentation,
automatic ?Pro-Active?defragmentation when the hard disk is
idle and multiple drive defragmentation with optional automatic
computer shutdown when the process is complete.

Improved Internet Cleaner
?The Internet Cleaner deletes all traces of Internet surfing
sessions from your computer (all browsers normally save records
of everything you view). The new version supports all the
latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, and now also
allows Firefox users to choose which cookies they want to keep
or delete.

New graphical user interface
?In additional to the functional improvements Ashampoo
UnInstaller 4 has been given an attractive new graphical user
interface that makes the program easier and more intuitive to

Other highlights:

In addition to the new and improved features Ashampoo UnInstaller
4 continues to offer all the other tools and features that have
made it so popular with novice and experienced users alike.

Installation Monitor
?This small system tray tool identifies almost all program
installations automatically, logging the entire installation
process so that you can remove the program later with the
Ashampoo UnInstaller.

Monitor secret program activities
?Just take a ?Before?snapshot with UnInstaller, run the
application that you want to monitor and then take another
snapshot. UnInstaller will then show you all the changes the
program has made anywhere on your system, including Registry
entries, new files, file changes and other changes.

?Get insurance against changing your mind! Reinstaller
reinstalls your removed programs along with all your individual
settings so that you don?t have to go through the hassle of
configuring everything all over again.

Drag & Drop Desktop Uninstaller
?Just drag the icon of a logged program onto the desktop icon to
remove it from your computer with Ashampoo UnInstaller. Great
for getting rid of trial versions quickly.

Find invalid installation entries
?Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel often contains
invalid entries for programs no longer on your system. This
tool locates and deletes these entries, freeing up resources on
your machine.

Manage system restore points
?Windows has a system for saving ?rollback?backups of your
system called ?restore points?that allow you to return your
system to an earlier state without losing your personal data
(text documents, emails, browser history etc). The restore
points manager shows you all your restore points. It also
enables you to activate and deactivate automatic restore
points, create manual restore points and load restore points to
return your system to a previous state.

Registry Cleaner
?The Windows Registry is the central database where both Windows
and most programs save all their (and your) settings. Lots of
leftover junk data often accumulates here, particularly when
you remove programs without Ashampoo UnInstaller. This tool
helps you to identify and get rid of this cruft that is
clogging up your system.

Manage fonts
?Fonts you don?t use can use up a surprising amount of memory
and Windows resources. This tool enables you to view all the
fonts on your system with detailed information on each font and
remove fonts you no longer require.

Contents of the UnInstaller toolbox:

?Automatic and manual monitoring of program installation
?Monitor secret program activities
?Remove all traces of programs from your system
?Interactive tool for removing programs for which you don?t have
Ashampoo UnInstaller installation logs
?Reinstaller ?reinstall programs with all your settings
?Drag & Drop uninstaller
?Advanced hard disk defragmenter with automatic defragmentation
?Windows Registry cleanup tool
?Internet cleanup tool, delete all surfing traces
?Undelete tool, restore accidentally deleted files
?File wiper for secure deletion of files
?Find/delete duplicate files tool
?Find/delete temporary files tool
?Find/delete empty folders tool
?Start Menu cleanup tool
?Manage Windows services tool
?Manage Internet Explorer extensions tool
?File and folder backup and restore utility
?Font management tool, delete unnecessary fonts

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